Saturday, November 12, 2005

Gittin Ready To Go

With Thanksgiving only a very few days away, we are in the proccess of readying our motor home for a little cruise up to Central Illinois to celebrate with Carole`s family. Carole`s family has always been great to me. From my mother in law to her great grandaughter they send a lot of love towards me and I sit back and bask in it. I don`t know why. I guess I`m just lucky.

The State of Tn. has passed a new law where all towed vehicles must have a braking system so that the weight of the towed vehicle does not over power the action of the brakes on the powered vehicle. Makes sense but only with a little reasoning. Our bus weighs 31,000 pounds curb weight and our little Saturn weighs about 3000 pounds. It sounds a little kinky to me that the Saturn with its weight would do much to over run the bus. But if you don`t buy and install the gadget, the fine is $500.00.

Since the bus has its own compressed air system, I have aired up the tires, checked out the hydraulic leveling system, the lights and all the rest of the little gadgets on the check list. About all that is left to be done is put a little water in the clean water storage tank and then go. Oh, yes, I have also got to fuel it up but with the price of fuel still dropping, I`ll do that just before we leave.